Best Covina Power Lift Recliner – 1A71

At some point in time, everyone will need a little boost to get out of a chair.  Most chairs today are large and not very accommodating for small spaces.  The 1A71 Covina power lift recliner is an excellent choice.  Complementing the sophisticated style of this small-scaled recliner is the generous amounts of pillow fiber cushioning in the back.

The squared off arms feature lightly padded arms to maintain the sleek look. The simple silhouette is available in numerous comfort options that will allow you to stay sitting for hours on end in bliss.  This recliner is not available as a lift chair, but it can be made as a rocker, glider and swivel.  Huge choice of colors and proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. 

Original price was: $1,099.99.Current price is: $999.99.