Best Troubador Power Lift Chair – 1B52

This gentle giant is part of the Beast® recliner collection. It has a beefed up frame construction and seating system to handle heavier weights and more day-to-day usage. Comfort rated for 500 pounds, this lift chair recliner comes with two motors – one to function the recliner kickout and lift, and the other to control the back.  This allows you to stop and adjust your resting and standing position at virtually any point you feel comfortable.

Featuring a lower seat height and smaller seat depth than others in the Beast® recliner selection for a more custom fit. It still features the heavy-duty frame and mechanism, and has a tethered hand wand to make it easy to find when you are in a relaxed position – all at the push of a button. Also available as a manual Rocker recliner with an outside reclining handle.

Original price was: $1,649.99.Current price is: $1,449.99.