Best Juliana Upholstered Recliner – 5NI75

The Juliana is the ultimage in comfort and style.  This fashionable recliner looks like a chair, but sits like a dream!  The easy-to-access inside handle allows you to recline and put your feet up after a long day.  With an added bonus, it features a swivel glider base.  You can effortless glide back and forth, and move completely around without having to leave your feet. You can also deluxe your comfort by adding power.  That’s right! A power swivel glider recliner which also features a USB charger!



Full Description

  • Glider recliner
  • Includes swivel
  • Choice of colors
  • Solid wood frame
  • Available with power
  • Starting at $799.99 (certain fabrics only)
  • 36’’ wide, 37’’ deep, 41.5’’ high
  • Seat – 20” wide, 19.5” deep, 18.5” high
  • (Measurements are approximate)
  • Made in the U.S.A.