Best Kenley Power Lift Recliner – 5N11

Introducing the Kenley Power Lift Recliner.  Finally, a chair that offers everything you’d want: softness, support, style and supreme functionality.  The breathable matrix of the Performa-Weave seating system provides the support from the top, while kiln-dried native hardwood frame parts provide the structural integrity to stand the test of time.

Choose from over 700 fabric options including a wide assortment of performance fabrics – including Valero, a high-performance leather grain vinyl used in residential and healthcare settings.  The easy to use handwand controls every movement from fully closed, to the comfortable TV position, and to the full recline.  The Power Tilt Headrest option allows support of your head and neck to watch TV, read a book, or rest while in the fully reclined position.  Add the matching sofa and loveseat to complete your room!

Original price was: $1,199.99.Current price is: $1,099.99.