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Awesome Customer Service

We bought a glider from Rocker World in 2005. At the time of purchase, they were patient and took the time with us until we found a chair that was perfect for us and our new baby. In 2016, that rocker broke. We don't know why. We called Rocker world and even though the chair was out of warrenty they helped us find a solution. They called the factory and worked out an EXCELLENT deal for us. I HIGHLY recommend rocker world! They went above and beyond what many companys would do. Thank you Rocker World!!!!




My husband's favorite chair finally broke and the search was on for a replacement.  We visited almost every furniture store in Albuquerque to no avail.  I went to the web and found ROCKER WORLD.  And there was his chair!  As I was going to be in Tucson, I contacted Rob and told him I'd stop by.  Rob made me welcome with a bottle of cold water - the temp was 105! - and a stack of fabric samples.  In no time, the deal was completed.  Having to wait for delivery from Indiana made me anxious but the chairs finally arrived.  My husband is happy again!  A wonderful store with pleasant and helpful people.  I'll keep it in mind when MY chair breaks!

Carolyn S.



I have visited several furniture stores throughout my life, as I only remember these stores as boring experiences, being dragged around by my parents.  One day my family adventured a bit further and stumbled upon Rocker World.  The bright colors and decorations immediately caught my eye.  I admired that the owners had put out a basket of candy for children as well as toys to play with.  Aside from that, I found that the owners of the store are nothing short from hard working, kind, and dedicated to their work.  My family bought a few rockers, and have never been happier with any piece of furniture.  Anyways, it's been 7-8 years later, and I always find myself stopping by the store to see whats new and possibly take home a new piece of furniture.  Customer service is fantastic!  The quality of the products are wonderful, and I love that the products are centralized there.  I would recommend this store in a heart beat to anyone that has the chance to stop by, you won't be disappointed I promise!

Shelby K.



When I was looking for the right rocker to use with my twins- Rocker World had the best selection, most knowledgeable staff, and best customer service. After searching many stores it was easy to recognize the value of this surprising gem.

Shanda  Reeb



Rob – thank you so very much!     Love my chair.




Waited for my chair, but well worth it. Good service, appreciate the follow up.

Teri O.



Thank you so much!  I have a friend who ordered two gliders from American Furniture but she was having such an awful time she called me to find out where I bought my chairs.  I told her she would be very pleased if she went to Rocker World – and she was!   She bought two gliders and loves them (Joann B******g)!



Rob, we wanted to thank you for everything you did to help us select a glider.  We are so happy with it, & it has been perfect for baby :)  I have several pregnant friends & I have referred them to you for when they are ready to glider shop.  Also, thank you very much for the thoughtful baby gift.  The firefighter onesie is so cute.  It was so nice of you to think of our baby.  We can't thank you enough for all of your time and expertise.  We certainly appreciate it.

Preston, Nicole & Easton



Hello Rob,

The rocker arrived, is assembled and was immediately in use!  They all love it!  Thanks again for your care, time and effort!




Wow!  Great customer service!  I ordered something site unseen (only through pictures on-line) and it was delivered to the store and inspected by them before even being delivered to me!  No hassles if it wasn't in tip-top shape (it was, however)!  They would take care of it!  That's the problem with ordering from the internet!  Getting someone to respond to your issue and picking it back up is a HASSLE!  So I was happy to order through them; I also got the lowest price I could find on the internet too!  It was in almost perfect shape.  Rob was able to do a minor touch up (according to him) to correct the marking!  (Most people wouldn't have even noticed, but since he's got quite the eye and super picky about what he delivers, he wanted it perfect!)  Super thorough in the follow-up for coordinating the delivery and they were patient enough to let me drill a hole in the back of the cabinet and then they moved it into place!

Dee O.



I shopped several stores and the web, but was happiest with the deal I received on a beautiful gliding rocker at Rocker World & Curios.  Rob was extremely helpful and patient with my "customized" chair, providing excellent advice as I decided on style, color and fabric.  He promptly placed the order for me and shipped to IL.  The price of the chair beat competitors and NO ONE could ship for the same price Rocker World did. It will be a long time before I need another quality rocker, but I WILL only consider Rocker World & Curios.

David G.



Excellent store with a very nice broad selection. The staff know their business and are real pros. They will help you get what you want and need. The furniture is QUALITY also. Go there.

Steve P.



Great Store

We needed a glider for the babys room and they are the only ones who have the good quality gliders. Plus, they were able to guide us to the best glider for our needs. I was going to the usual baby stores (where nobody knows about the products) but didn't feel comfortable spending hunderds of $$$ without knowing what kind of product I was getting. The salespeople at Rockerworld told me how the gliders are made, the types of finishes they use, and the difference in the fabrics. Plus, they know what it's like at 3a.m. with a crying baby in their arms. Definitely the place to go for a glider. I wish they sold cribs too.




Rob ... we cannot thank you enough for the excellent job you did on our rocker.  We are so happy that you were able to repair it because, well, we just love the rocker!  God bless you all there at Rocker World, you certainly have our endorsement!

Paul & Retha



The best place for curios. More selections than any large furniture store. They were knowledgeable about them all. The prices were very reasonable. Fast delivery and set up.




Fantastic customer service. We had purchased a curio cabinet in early 2014 and needed some glass shelf holder clips. When I called them last month to see where I could purchase them, the person I talked with was very helpful and had some of holders sent to me from their warehouse.

We are very happy with the Curio cabinet and the great customer experience.

Vasant A.



I had a fabulous experience at Rocker World. I really appreciated that Mel, the owner, did not try and sell me the most expensive rocker but instead showed me one on sale that he felt would meet my needs. He communicated accurately when the cabinets would arrive (I bought two for my doll collection) and when they arrived they were perfect. The man who delivered the cabinets was equally professional. He was extremely patient as I decided exactly where they should go, moving an inch here or an inch there, and he was very careful. Couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and the price! Great business!

Brigid D.



I am 7 months pregnant and was told by everybody that I needed a glider to rock the baby.  I went to a couple baby stores, but could not find what I wanted.  A friend of mine told me about Rocker World.  They were super helpful and were able to answer all of my questions.  They had great recommendations for colors to match my nursery and they explained to me (in detail) the advantages and disadvantages of each chair.   I would recommend them for their big selection and great customer service.

Stephanie P.



After many failed attempts at other stores I was able to find everything I needed here. Great customer service, answered all my questions and needs. I'll be back for more!

Mercedes N.



In 2011 I purchased 2 recliners, and a curio cabinet from Rocker 
World and Curios located on N Arizonia Ave.  The owner-manager Rob Fischer treated my wife and I as valued customers providing product info, cost, specs, and all the necessary items needed in making a purchase.  Any questions were quickly answered in a objective and professional manner.  Recently I called Rob stating I had a problem with an electrical remote sending unit on one of the chairs, explained the problem and asked him to provide me a product company contact for replacement.  He replied, asking if he could call me back in a few minutes.  Upon his return call (less than 10 min.), he stated he had a unit I needed and at (MY CONVENIENCE) come in a pick it up, if not he would mail it to me at no cost.  He said that he would prefer me bringing the unit in to insure it had the exact same connections. The silence on my end of the conversation exibited I did'nt know how to answer the man.  A business that still considers a customer and service as valued important functions of their operations, and take the extra step to insure this happens, (especially in present times) is rare.  I would recommend this store as highly reputable, integrity, honest business, that still considers customers and service a valued asset. 




Great products and great service

Jessica L.



My husband purchased a glider/rockerr from Rocker World over 15 years ago when I was pregnant with our first child and it  has been the only piece of furniture to survive the kids.  It is amazing quality and still looks new after all these years and doesn't look dated either.  Hard to imagine!  Anyway, we even purchased  leather furniture from Costco (thinking it could withstand kids) but it really was crap which surprised us from Costco because we typically love Costco quality.  This rocker/glider has had some abuse and  still looks fantastic.  The upholstery doesn't show any wear at all!  Anyway, after all these years, the glider broke and I called Rocker World and they said to bring it in and they could take a look but no promises. I appreciated the willingness to try and repair it although I don't know yet what the charge will be.  Regardless, it was worth the original cost.  It would be nice to keep it along with all the memories.........




February  '08 I purchased a Sequoia glider rocker. After 2 approximately 2 years the screws started coming out. First one side then the other. I tighten them but felt that shouldn't happened. Just didn't call the store. Then a spring broke in March of this year. Kinda Mickey Moused it. My son came here so I had some one to help me. I couldn't find a spring. Finally called Rocker World. I just couldn't believe it when I was told to just bring it in. Kyle took the chair in the back to check it out. Rob told me the ball bearings were worn out. That the bearings should last for 20 years. The warranty expired 6 monthe ago, but Rocker World would make it right. I was given a new base, if you look at the Sequoia the base has more wood than any of the other gliders, and the spring was fixed. It is better than it was new. 
Today once you buy a product there's no customer service. I have a Lazy Boy chair that after 14 months I couldn't get them to service. At the time I bought it I could have bought 2 Lane chairs for the price.
There are not enough words to express the surprise & utter delight at having a company take responsibility for a "lemon" & make it "wonderful" !

Laura H.



After my last curio cabinet was damaged in a move several years ago, I have been on the hunt for a new one.  Last month I found Rocker World and Curios and found the curio cabinet that I have been looking for!  They were knowledgeable and helpful.  I had a great experience!

Mari M.



After doing a fair share of internet research I found this local business. Very friendly,knowledgeable and NOT pushy! I took my time & tried all the chairs and ROB just kept informing me on the pros/cons of the different styles. The store is very clean&organized. They have"props" to give you that 'real feeling' of holding a baby while in the rocker! Don't waste you time shopping anywhere else because you will just come back:-)

Kristin M.



If you are looking for a vast selection of curios and rockers, go to Rocker World.
The service is great, people are knowledgable and friendly, not pushy.  We bought a large curio over Christmas and we love it.  Rob, thank you for everything, your professionalism and being so efficient, also your kindness.

Karen and Gene



My wife and I have been looking for a rocker/glider/recliner to place in our nursery. We've looked at a few places and came across Rocker World.

The salesperson was great. He gave us all the information we needed and didn't hover over over us. We tried several chairs and was there to answer any questions.

The quality is better than you will get at Babies R Us and other furniture places and you can customize your chair as needed.

After about an hour, we made our choice and we are happy we did.

A cool feature is there is a pillow and baby doll for moms and dads to use and get a feel for how the chair will be with the baby. A nice touch.

The rocker/recliner will be ready in about 3-4 weeks and they are willing to let us use a loaner if needed.

Why did we think of going anywhere else?

Russell S.



The store had a great variety of rockers and curios to choose from.  The staff was super friendly.  The pricing was low and competitive.  Very clean and organized environment.  Will recommend to friends and family!

Don L.



"really nice store. & very professional."




Because the demographics of Yelp tell me there's a huge market for rockers and curios, I thought I would share my experience.

A little background info.  I like cats (ok, I love cats, more than people).  Therefore, for years, everyone wanted to give me cat-themed gifts.  I finally had to put an end to that.  I have since unloaded most of those items to other insane people.  However, I do have a collection of figurines (old person's word), most of which are either very old or from other countries..(except Germany because they don't know how to make cats).  To pacify my husband that barely tolerates the living cats in the house, I agree to contain them.  Thus, my need for a curio cabinet.

Rocker World supposedly has the largest selection in the Valley.  And they did have quite a few.  But because I was looking for something more contemporary, I had to order.  And because my husband was with me, I ordered quickly...too quickly.

Upon getting home, I found a cabinet I liked better on the internet.  I called the store to confirm they could order from that manufacturer, and Mel graciously obtained the dimensions and changed my order, allowing me to just pay the difference when it arrived.  It did take 6 weeks to get it, but the price was just as good as online and it arrived undamaged.  And all my kitties are happily locked up, staring at me every time I walk by.

Heather C.